Infertility and Its Causes


Infertility amongst men and women is rapidly increasing in today’s world. The ability to have children is a gift that many do not receive. There was a time when there was no cure for infertility however with advancement in medical science; it has become possible to experience the Joy of parenthood. Continue reading

Infertility – Stop Blaming Woman!


In India, within two years of marriage, a couple is expected to have a baby. In-laws expectations to have grandchildren and peer pressure on seeing friend’s/cousin’s babies on social media create more hype and pressure on couples. The pressure of conceiving is greater on the woman. More often, when pregnancy doesn’t come through in 3-5 years of marriage, a woman is advised to visit a fertility clinic! Continue reading

How intelligent are IVF children?


A recent Danish study examining the academic performance in children conceived by assisted reproductive techniques (ART) confirmed that ART-born children are just as intelligent as their spontaneously conceived peers – not super kids, but certainly not worse off. Continue reading

Facts about Male Fertility


If you have been trying to conceive, but haven’t been successful for more than a year, then it is probably time to head to a fertility clinic. These clinics have numerous fertility treatments for both men and women. It is a myth that infertility is the women’s fault. In fact, no one is to blame here, neither the man nor the woman. Sterility is a common problem amongst men although most are not aware of the important facts related to it. This is partly because of the myths that are prevalent about male fertility. Some of these facts might be true to some extent, but most these are merely myths. Continue reading

Enhance Fertility with Yoga

Yoga, the age old practice of India is a golden practice that the country holds in its glory. The tradition dates back to decades of practice and its culture imbibes it from the ancient time when sages used to follow this. The sages used to connect to their chakras and enjoy bliss and happiness like no other. Continue reading


Cryopreservation of eggs has remained a challenge until recently. The egg is a large cell with high water content. The older slow freezing methods could not completely prevent the ice crystal formation which damages the cell during freezing and thawing. This has been virtually eliminated by a relatively new technique called Vitrification or ultra rapid cooling. Continue reading

Dietary Protein intake and reproductive hormones and Ovulation : The Bio-Cycle Study.

Protein intake has been associated with changes in steroidogenesis in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, likely through reducing high insulin levels. This study presented in ASRM 2015, findings of which suggest that a diet high in protein, particularly animal protein, is significantly associated with reduced testosterone levels among healthy women. These results highlight the importance of diet on reproductive function and the potential role of protein intake in androgen synthesis

Blastocyst IVF Transfer Boosts Pregnancy Chances

Let us first understand the development and role of blastocyst!

In natural process, the egg is fertilized by the sperm and they form a single cell called Zygote. Zygote divides further into 2 cells and then into 4 celled Embryo by end of the second day after fertilization. Continue reading