What is the Right Time to Freeze Your Eggs?

If you ask, there is no perfect time to freeze your eggs but yes there can be a better time and age that you can decide, on your own! Egg freezing is now becoming the most thought of fertility terms, from being experimental back in the days when not everyone knew about it, it is becoming mainstream.

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When it comes to fertility, 35 is the tipping point that medicine calls AMA, or “advanced maternal age.” It’s not an arbitrary designation. A woman’s fertility starts to wane around age 32, and the decline picks up speed by 37. So ideally this is the exact age when a woman should decide to freeze her eggs and put a stop to her biological clock. By doing so, the eggs stored may still be of sufficient quality for freezing and you are more likely to use them in the future. With your age declining you would think that why don’t you freeze your eggs a bit early then? Continue reading