All That You Need to Know About In Vitro Fertilization

With advancement in medical science, there have been developments of new assisted reproductive methods. One such way is the process of in vitro fertilization. For people suffering from fertility problems, this is one of the most popular methods they opt for. This method is very effective and uses the woman’s own eggs as well as her partner’s sperm. Any fertility clinic will be able to guide you with the process.

The Procedure of In Vitro Fertilization

The term in vitro means in glass. In this process, the woman’s ovulation process is stimulated and monitored. An ovum is removed from her ovaries, which is allowed to fertilize in the presence of the male gamete or male sex cell, the sperm. After fertilization, the zygote formed is implanted in that woman’s uterus. If she is incapable of carrying a child or has a hostile uterus, a surrogate may be used. If there is a case of male infertility, like defective sperms which cannot penetrate the egg cell, intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI is given. Through the injection the sperm is directly transferred to the egg to be fertilized.

The first step is ovary stimulation where the woman takes gonadotropins, 8 to 14 days before her menstrual cycle begins. It helps in developing numerous mature eggs. Then comes follicle development where the process of follicle development is monitored by specialists. Then comes trigger shot which matures your eggs completely, making them ready to be fertilized. The eggs are gathered and combined with her partner’s sperm. After successful fertilization, embryos are formed which later form blastocysts. The viable embryo is selected and implanted in her uterus about 5 days later.

Successful implantation will allow the embryo to grow; eventually it will grown into a baby. IVF clinic in India are growing by the number, with centres across the country.

The IVF cost is undoubtedly high because there is a lot of technology involved in the process. The cost of IVF in India is however reasonable, and is about a couple of lakhs for a cycle.