Double Your Chances For Happy Nine Months!

The sight of a baby leaves you pining for having one in your arms! You can end your longing! The Happy Nine Months dream can be your reality! Double Your Chances ( DYC) of pregnancy with Morpheus IVF!

Yes! You heard it right! All good things take time! We know for many of you, it hasn’t happened in the first go! Failed IUI – Failed IVF – Failed Pregnancy! Any woman who has gone through all this- is an absolute warrior!

DYC is the blessing for those courageous women who know the magnitude of the battle they are fighting.

What is DYC?                                                                                                                                                                DYC is the Double Your Chance of pregnancy program through 2 cycles of IVF, offered by Morpheus only for Rs. 1 lakh!

How does DYC help?                                                                                                                                                  Under DYC, if the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy; you can go through the second cycle without paying for procedural charges again! This doubles your chances of pregnancy.

What is covered under the DYC Program?                                                                                                   First & Second cycle –

  • 1. Consultation Charges
  • 2. Follicular Scans
  • 3. Ovum Pick Up
  • 4. Embryo Transfer
  • 5. General Anaesthesia
  • 6. Operation Theatre Charges
  • 7. Embryology Lab charges
  • 8. Doctors fees & Embryologist’s fees
  • 9. All media & consumables


What are the extra costs in DYC?

  1. 1. Medicines in both cycles
  2. 2. 50% discount on Cryo-preservation
  3. 3. 50 % discount on Embryo thawing


Is second cycle repeated right from the beginning?                                                                                                 You can undergo a second cycle either with –

  1. 1. Cryopreserved embryos (good quality frozen embryos retained from the first cycle)
  2. 2. Fresh stimulation.


How does Cryo-preservation help in the second cycle?                                                                         In the first cycle after the embryo transfer, our Embryologists will retain few good quality embryos for the second cycle and transfer them for Cryo-preservation (embryo freezing for future use).

In case the first cycle does not lead to pregnancy, your cryo-preserved embryos are readily available for second embryo transfer! No pain of going through the whole procedure again! You still have second chance to get your happiness confirmed!


What are benefits of Cryopreserved embryos?

  1. 1. Avoiding the entire procedure from beginning
  2. 2. Good quality embryos readily available for embryo transfer


What is the success rate of cryopreserved embryos?                                                                            Cryopreserved embryos are good quality embryos picked up by our embryologist experts! Even they stand a good, strong chance of blooming into a baby!

DYC gives you the double hope! The hope to continue even after failing the first time!

Your Attitude is everything!

Trust Morpheus-DYC!

Stay Positive!

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