Facts about Male Fertility

If you have been trying to conceive, but haven’t been successful for more than a year, then it is probably time to head to a fertility clinic. These clinics have numerous fertility treatments for both men and women. It is a myth that infertility is the women’s fault. In fact, no one is to blame here, neither the man nor the woman. Sterility is a common problem amongst men although most are not aware of the important facts related to it. This is partly because of the myths that are prevalent about male fertility. Some of these facts might be true to some extent, but most these are merely myths.

Some Facts about Male Fertility

Male Fertility is a field that has called for a lot of research, but the common man is still unaware of some important aspects of it. Apart from causes and effects, there are some important things you need to know about male sterility. In case you have some pre-existing misconceptions, these are some common facts related to male fertility:

  • A chain smoker is bound to have lesser sperm production than a person who doesn’t smoke.
  • Male infertility can happen irrespective of age. Not only older men, but also younger men in the prime of their youth are prone to such issues.
  • If you have had a child earlier, it doesn’t prove that you are fertile. Infertility may come at a later stage in life.
  • Stress is not a cause of infertility! Yes, it does affect sex drive. But as long as that remains unaffected, fertility shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Who said weight is not an issue for men when it comes to fertility? An optimum body weight will increase Sperm Motility and production, this Enhances Fertility Naturally.

Male fertility is often considered to be a minor issue, but it is not. It is as big a problem as women’s fertility. That is why it is important to know about these five facts that will change the way you view male fertility. So if you are facing fertility issues, you might want to remember these facts while looking for treatment.