Improve Your Fertility – Simple Lifestyle Changes


Urban lifestyle has left its mark in all the aspects of health, but none has been as overlooked as Fertility Issues. Perhaps this is because fertility is the last thing on the minds of an average working couple juggling family life, demanding workplace deadlines and ever tight finances.

Between managing the professional & personal commitments, reproductive health is left unattended, especially as the effects of a poor reproductive health are not alarming or incapacitating. More and more cases are diagnosed at a stage when fertility becomes a pressing issue due to social or family pressures.

There are couples who request for insemination, simply because they have no time to plan a natural conception, what with long work hours, night shifts and frequent out- station travel. The employees working in nocturnal shifts also suffer from hormonal disturbances caused by changing sleep rhythms and bio-cycles.

Hormonal disturbances in women lead to disturbed egg release and ovulation. Similarly, the lifestyle of men is affected by, late hours, unhealthy eating habits, routine consumption of alcohol and smoking and finally high stressed life.

Environmental pollutants, pesticides also add to these resulting in decreased fertility. At Morpheus IVF, we believe in a holistic approach and advise on lifestyle modifications which would improve fertility is provided.