Infertility – Stop Blaming Woman!


In India, within two years of marriage, a couple is expected to have a baby. In-laws expectations to have grandchildren and peer pressure on seeing friend’s/cousin’s babies on social media create more hype and pressure on couples. The pressure of conceiving is greater on the woman. More often, when pregnancy doesn’t come through in 3-5 years of marriage, a woman is advised to visit a fertility clinic!

Fertility clinics get a visit from many women in a month, tearfully explaining their confusion to the doctors as to why they are struggling to conceive despite being healthy and not menopausal. Telling how her friends got pregnant easily within months of trying. Telling how bedroom romance has changed into the boredom of making attempts and how in-laws are subtly reminding her every day that they miss a child’s presence in the house!

Infertility becomes emotional roller coaster for many women, and for Indian women, the hell is multiplied, for the fact that infertility is often blamed on them!

The blame begins with the myth that women are more likely to be affected by fertility issues. That’s not the whole truth. 30% of infertility issues are diagnosed in men and 20% are diagnosed in both.

How men can be infertile if they are ejaculating good enough! Truth – It’s not the ejaculation that decides the fertility, it’s the sperm count and healthy motility of sperms that decides male fertility.

For natural conception, men should have –

  1. 1. Normal sperm count- at least 15 million per mL
  2. 2. 1.5 mL of semen on ejaculation
  3. 3. At least 4% sperm of normal
  4. 4. At least 32% sperm swimming rapidly forward

Even laboratory sperm insemination treatment can be successful when the sperm motility is at least 30% and the total motile sperm count is above 5 million per mL. If men do not meet these sperm parameters, they are likely to be the one who are responsible for conception issues.

Many factors affect the sperm production. Smoking and drinking are biggest killers of sperm! Hedonistic lifestyle, no exercise, stress at work and poor diet often result in low sperm count. For women above 30, with poor lifestyle and diet- egg quality gets affected and fertility steeply declines after 35 years of age.

Though the onus of conception is on both male and female– but only women become fixated on their fertility. They start buying vitamins, books on conception, ovulation kits, take their temperature every day and finally they will be the first to visit fertility clinics.

Let us not put the women in the difficult position or play the blame game! Morpheus IVF provides fertility services and smart treatment plans are available to Double Your Chance of pregnancy!