Why Male Infertility Is On The Rise!

Issue of fertility no longer remains the problem just related to irregular ovulation or PCOS, but even low sperm count and abnormal sperm shapes are now the major factors leading to fertility issues among childless couples.

Nowadays, many couples have trouble conceiving in their 30’s or even before. After, going through fertility tests, mostly the sub-fertility issues are found in men, and out of that, some cases are cited to be of azoospermia, a condition in which there is no living/dead sperm in the semen.

Male infertility is less commonly discussed but needs to be tackled, by treating underlying issues with the help of alternative medical solutions.

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle are the most common factors, which impair the semen quality and affect the sperm count. The way we live our life nowadays, is seriously affecting our health on daily basis. Men, who have sedentary work life, like in IT and banking sectors, tend to face many health issues due to inactivity, like insulin resistance, obesity, etc, which in turn affects their reproductive health. Even for men who have to constantly travel for work, like in marketing sector, health issues like blood pressure, acidity etc. rise up due to irregular meal times, unhealthy food on the go and pollution, which lower their fertility. Even the excessive drinking and smoking have side-effects on sperm quality and quantity.

It is also time to break a myth that virility among men remains high till their old age. Truth is that as the man’s age progresses, his sperm quality (including the shape and movement of the sperm) declines. Just like female eggs, even male sperm’s have the ‘best before the date’ tag. Due to this, couples often find it difficult to conceive after the age of 30 or 35 and studies also link the health risks during pregnancy with the advanced age.

 The reason of infertility may not only be the sperm count, shape and motility, but could also be the blockages in testicles/ vas deferens, due to obesity, varicocele, accident/trauma or surgery, which can interfere with fertility.

As the awareness of male infertility is also on the rise, there are many medical solutions available to counter male infertility. Highly advanced male infertility services are available at Morpheus IVF. One of them is IMSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) procedure. It is highly advanced technique, where sperms are magnified to approximately 7200 times and the sperms of best shape and size are selected to inject in the egg through ICSI. Moreover, sperm-extraction procedures like TESA/PESA/TESE are also available at Morpheus IVF to overcome the male infertility issues caused due to obstructive/ non-obstructive cases of azoospermia. In these procedures, sperms are aspirated by needle or obtained by biopsy from the testes directly and used for ICSI.
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