Low Sperm Motility as a Cause of Male Infertility

When one thinks of fertility issues, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is female infertility. But male infertility is as big an issue as female infertility. There are various problems that might lead to male infertility like low sperm count or Low Sperm Motility. There can be many reasons behind low sperm motility or asthenospermia.

Causes of Low Sperm Motility

Some of the most common reasons of low sperm motility are:

  • Heat can reduce sperm motility. Sperms require an optimum temperature to carry out their functions properly. Hot baths and saunas, tight clothing and underwear are some reasons behind asthenospermia.
  • A varicocele is an inflammation of veins in the testicles. Varicocele will decrease the quality and motility of sperms.
  • If there is a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body like minerals and vitamins, sperm motility will decrease. Elevated levels of zinc in the body can cause the sperms to become sluggish.
  • Certain medications might cause hormonal imbalances in the body. Steroids will make the sperms weaker, which in turn reduces their ability to swim properly.
  • DNA fragmentation is a cause of low sperm motility. Genetic and hereditary causes are passed down resulting in such problems.

How Can You Increase Sperm Motility?

Sperm motility treatment is available to increase sperm motility. Any Fertility Centre will be able to help you with that. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will also be helpful. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B can increase sperm motility. Consumption of excessive alcohol and smoking reduces sperm motility. Thus, these should be avoided at all costs.

There are various methods of treatment available for male infertility. It may be a serious issue but it is not untreatable. Even with such disorders, it is possible to conceive, with some external help. If you have problems like low sperm motility or low sperm count, you need to consult a fertility specialist who will be able to guide you with the numerous treatment options available.