PCOS AND infertility


Something is definitely wrong when your menstrual cycle is irregular! Bleeding in periods is scanty or heavy!

It could be PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – a gynaecological disorder in which the edge of the ovary is covered with multiple cysts. These cysts can interfere with ovulation, so your periods become erratic. In many cases, women do not ovulate at all, so periods stop completely. Therefore it is difficult for women with PCOS to conceive naturally. It’s one of the leading causes of infertility in women!

Do you have PCOS? You’re not alone. PCOS affects around 1 in 10 women. Along with menstrual problems, women also suffer from weight issues.

Treatment for PCOS usually starts with lifestyle changes like weight loss, diet, and exercise. Losing just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can help regulate your menstrual cycle and improve your fertility and general health. Losing weight may also increase the effectiveness of medications your doctor recommends for PCOS.

Follow a nutritious diet! A healthy diet is a paramount for women with PCOS, as they tend to gain weight quickly. See a dietician- reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and fiber. More importantly – Stick to your diet!

With a good diet- you should exercise as well! Exercise is essential for reducing blood-sugar levels and insulin resistance. Walking for 30 minutes a day, every day, without fail will reduce your weight steadily and effectively. You could start ovulating normally with all positive lifestyle changes.

Consider taking help of a gynaecologist for medications. Women with PCOS produce high-level of male hormones. Medication can help reducing insulin and testosterone levels. Less testosterone means better fertility health: ovulation, menstruation and egg production.

Women with PCOS who have tried medication lost weight improved their diet and lifestyle – but still are not able to conceive naturally, should consider IVF treatment. Morpheus IVF is a final helping hand.

Usually, women with PCOS, produce immature eggs.

Hormonal medications given to patients for eight to 10 days stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs for fertilization. This increases the chances of creating healthy embryos for transfer into the uterus.

However, hormone injections can be dangerous for PCOS patients because they are at a greater risk for developing Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) – a condition which causes the ovaries to swell and leads to pain, due to the already large number of follicles in the ovary.

At Morpheus IVF, we freeze the healthy embryos and recommend a remote embryo transfer a couple of months later instead of a fresh embryo transfer – to avoid OHSS.

State-of-the-art equipments and latest techniques with a team of experienced doctors and trained embryologists at Morpheus IVF, we can help to make your dream of pregnancy come true! Here the patient gets the chance of a second cycle at no extra cost if the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

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