What is the Right Time to Freeze Your Eggs?

If you ask, there is no perfect time to freeze your eggs but yes there can be a better time and age that you can decide, on your own! Egg freezing is now becoming the most thought of fertility terms, from being experimental back in the days when not everyone knew about it, it is becoming mainstream.

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When it comes to fertility, 35 is the tipping point that medicine calls AMA, or “advanced maternal age.” It’s not an arbitrary designation. A woman’s fertility starts to wane around age 32, and the decline picks up speed by 37. So ideally this is the exact age when a woman should decide to freeze her eggs and put a stop to her biological clock. By doing so, the eggs stored may still be of sufficient quality for freezing and you are more likely to use them in the future. With your age declining you would think that why don’t you freeze your eggs a bit early then? Although freezing your eggs in your early 20s may result in a good number of high-quality eggs being frozen, you are unlikely to know at this age if you will ever need to use them, and you may, instead, conceive naturally. By freezing your eggs at an egg freezing clinic in Mumbai, Morpheus IVF- at a slightly older age (but before fertility starts to decline more rapidly, such as in your early 30s, you will be more likely to make use of your frozen reserve and therefore not undergo a costly procedure. unnecessarily. Having a baby and having a responsibility to bear a child isn’t an easy one to make. Therefore, many parents delay it many a time and egg freezing in Dehradun is very common where most of the parents opt for it for later pregnancy.

Egg Freezing in Mumbai


Egg freezing also called oocyte preservation at Morpheus IVF Dehradun is performed by a highly skilled team of infertility specialists in Dehradun, they can harvest your eggs and preserve them for later use. Mostly the women are opting for this option of Egg freezing in Amritsar thinking about the liberties and the positive consequences that this process involves. Here are a few of them:

Probably not Ready to conceive now:

Perhaps you’re in the mid of your career and are really successful but at the same time you also wish to have a complete family or you haven’t yet built a family foundation you desire but you are aware of the fact that your sperm or egg count is also declining with your age. That’s when you can opt for infertility treatment in Dehradun.

Women who have endometriosis: When surgical removal of your ovaries is needed, fertility preservation can give you a chance to have a biological link to a future child.

Women undergoing cancer treatments: Egg freezing is also a boon for women who are undergoing medical treatments. For example, in treatments for diseases like cancer, radiation, and chemotherapy that can put a woman’s fertility at risk as they can inadvertently damage or destroy the woman’s eggs along with the cancer treatment, preserving eggs prior to the treatment can give women the opportunity to postpone pregnancy until they completely recover

Not only egg freezing but we also do sperm freezing in Dehradun to resolve fertility issues in males. Whatever the fertility issues are, at Morpheus IVF we provide every solution related to your infertility. If you feel that your eggs are going down and you have the risk of conceiving it later then you can follow the egg or sperm freezing process.

Take A Decision today

Eventually, egg freezing is one’s personal choice and there could be many reasons for women to choose to freeze their eggs as explained above.

Whatever the reasons are we are happy to discuss your issues with you and consult you throughout the treatment to make you capable of conceiving properly with the advanced method of treatments we use in our techniques.