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Morpheus has assisted couples from around the world in their desire to become a family. We welcome international patients to any of our Pan India Morpheus centers. We are a leading chain of fertility centers and strive to provide world class fertility treatment at affordable costs. All our clinics in India have uniform and affordable price structure.

Following steps will assist international couples to seek infertility treatment at our centers:
  • Fill in the confidential counseling form with your details. Alternatively, you can email us at or call at +91-9619986890
  • Our counselor will take in your details and schedule a phone consultation with our fertility specialist
  • After all your queries have been answered/ travel confirmed - we will send you a medical visa invitation
  • On arrival we will get your passport verified for FRRO
  • A coordinator will be assigned to help you at each of these steps - including suggestions for hotels etc.

Infertility treatment at a foreign place may seem daunting. However, team at Morpheus is there to ease your worries and give you the best chance to experience the joy of parenthood!

Please click to find surrogacy update for foreign patients by ICMR.

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