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IVF - Test Tube Baby Treatment (In Vitro Fertilization)

In IVF the egg and sperms from the couple are allowed to fuse in a glass dish (In Vitro) and hence the word In Vitro Fertilization. The sperms are layered over the eggs retrieved from the woman and the process of fertilization occurs naturally under optimal conditions inside an incubator. This process in simpler terms is also stated to be the test tube baby. The feasible IVF cost in India and result-oriented cases are few of our distinguished qualities.

IVF is offered to couple where there is no qualitative or quantitative defect in sperms and wife having one or more of the following medical conditions:

Indications for IVF or Test tube baby
  • Multiple failed IUIs
  • Blocked Fallopian tubes
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the past
  • Endometriosis (mild)
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

If you have none of the above and IVF Treatment makes sense to you, you can be assured and count on us to get the best IVF treatment cost packages. However, if the patient needs advanced technological assistance in the treatment, the cost might go much higher. However we can vouch the patient gets experienced treatments and test tube baby cost across the globe is very feasible at our centres.

The steps involved in IVF treatment are:
  • Controlled ovarian stimulation with hormones for development of multiple eggs
  • Ovum Pickup (egg collection) under short anaesthesia
  • Layering of the eggs by washed sperms in petri dish for natural fertilization
  • Culture till embryo stage in incubator in the IVF Laboratory
  • Transfer of 2-3 best quality embryos inside the uterus (womb)
  • Detection of pregnancy 14 days after embryo transfer

Morpheus IVF is well equipped to easily address a wide array of infertility treatment in India at a reasonable cost. Our IVF cost is reasonable and complete transparency is maintained. By means of IVF treatment we thrive to help couples in India give birth to a test tube baby. A baby of your own is surely the greatest achievement of joy and we are here to assist you in the treatment all the way, that too at the most cost- efficient pricing.

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