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Can I become a MOTHER? Do I really need treatment for it? As a married woman has this question crossed your mind? If Yes and you desire to have your own child and it has been naturally not possible even after regular unprotected intercourse since 12 months, then you surely should leave your apprehension aside and opt for a consultation for best available treatments. Having taken the first step to explore the possible treatments, the second step is to find good advice concerning possible infertility treatments

How much does IVF Treatment Cost

Contrary to the popular perception of IVF treatment, IVF treatment need not be an expensive preposition. Keeping in mind different clinical needs of different category of patients, we at Morpheus has evolved cost effective treatment plans with a singular aim of yielding higher pregnancy rate for our esteemed patients.

IVF procedures can be cost effective if you choose the right treatment plan for yourself in consultation with the Core Fertility Specialist.

Many other IVF centers tend to charge for various services separately, wherein the sum total cost paid by patients is far higher than the original cost quoted to them. We at Morpheus believe in giving value for money proposition to all our patients irrespective of whichever plan chosen by patients. Almost all our treatment plans are inclusive of all the hidden costs so when you see the final bill it does not come as a surprise to patients.

Our Pricing Packages
  • DYC (Rs. 1,00,000 + Medicines for 2 Cycle attempt)

    This is a clinically proven cost effective treatment plan. This plan does not include freezing, thawing, blastocyst charges as every patient may not need these services. If you have enrolled in DYC plan you automatically are entitled for discount on list price for these additional services, should you require them. Second IVF attempt is performed only if first attempt does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

    *Medicines required for stimulation are extra and charged at actuals.
  • DYC+ (Rs. 1,25,000 + Medicines for 2 cycles attempt)

    This is the comprehensive 2 cycle treatment plan which includes all procedural costs in entire IVF procedure including ICSI charges, freezing and thawing charges, pickup and transfer charges and charges for blastocyst culture (if required). For majority of couples DYC+ is the ideal choice because there are no additional costs for any additional procedure for 2 IVF attempts. Second IVF attempt is performed only if first attempt does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

    *Medicines required for stimulation are extra and charged at actuals.
  • DYCC (Rs. 1,75,000 all inclusive for 2 cycles attempt)

    This is the comprehensive treatment plan including all cost of medicines required and/or cost of cryo preservation as well as all procedural charges including Anesthesia, Ovum pick-up, Embryo transfer, etc. This package gives you an option of 2 attempts. Second IVF attempt is performed only if first attempt does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

  • My3C (Rs. 2,50,000 including medicines for 3 attempts. All cost included)

    We also offer 3 cycle treatment plan. In some of our centers like Mumbai and Bangalore we offer our comprehensive 3 cycle treatment plan which includes the cost of procedure, investigation and medicines. With 3 cycle treatment plan the chances of pregnancy goes as high as 58%. It is worthwhile for aspiring parents who have crossed age of 30 years for the female and may have low ovarian reserves to go for 3 cycle treatment plan where your chances of taking home a baby are considerably stacked in your favor. Package is considered to be complete on achieving clinical pregnancy or on the completion of 3OPU and/or 3 ETs.

  • Comprehensive Single Cycle (Rs. 1,00,000 including medicines for single cycle attempt)

    Comprehensive Single Cycle is 1 cycle attempt and includes the entire cost of investigation, medicines and procedures. This package takes away the uncertainty of stimulation medicines as it is pre-built in the package.

  • Pay per cycle (Rs. 75,000 + Medicines)

    This is the most common plan offered by majority of IVF centers in the county, where you pay for procedure separately and medicines as per individual requirement. This is not a package plan and cost of medicines may vary from patient to patient.

For detailed understanding of pricing policy click here to download pricing table.

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