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Infertility Treatments

Can I become a MOTHER? Do I really need treatment for it? As a married female has this question crossed your mind? If Yes and you desire to have your own child and it has been naturally not possible even after regular unprotected intercourse since 12 months, then you surely should leave your apprehension aside and opt for a consultation for best available treatments. Having taken the first step to explore the possible treatments, the second step is to find a good foundation to offer advice concerning your infertility treatments.

Fertility of male and female

The experts state the female population is most fertile between the age of 18 to 28 years, the ovarian reserve falls afterwards.

Natural fertility in men reduces slowly from ageof 40 onwards, however sperms are present in individual cases even up-to 60 yrs. However the sperms should be in proper numbers and with proper motility and morphology.

We understand that infertility treatment requires considerable emotional commitment at each step. In addition to the cost of the treatment there is added social and mental stress factor among the female undergoing the infertility treatment. However, the returns are priceless!! Artificial ReproductiveTechniques are best used to overcome a range of infertility issues and gives a female the best chance to give birth to their own baby. In this maze of infertility, to help you decide on treatments plan - we have "SMART IVF CHOICES" for every female. These plans are clinically proven, cost effective treatment plans which help in making your decision easier and faster.

Below are the smart treatment plans that we have at our Morpheus centres.
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