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Infertility Can Be Stressful

Can I become a MOTHER? Do I really need treatment for it? As a married woman has this question crossed your mind? If Yes and you desire to have your own child and it has been naturally not possible even after regular unprotected intercourse since 12 months, then you surely should leave your apprehension aside and opt for a consultation for best available treatments. Having taken the first step to explore the possible treatments, the second step is to find good advice concerning possible infertility treatments. We at Morpheus will advise you on correct and viable treatments for treating the problem of infertility.

How much does IVF Treatment Cost

Contrary to the popular perception for IVF treatment, IVF treatment need not be an expensive proposition. Keeping in mind different clinical needs of different category of patients, we at Morpheus have evolved ‘cost effective treatment plans’ with singular aim of yielding higher pregnancy rate for our esteemed patients.

IVF procedures can be cost effective if you choose the right treatment plan for yourself in consultation with our Consulting Infertility Specialist.

Many other IVF centers tend to charge for various services separately, wherein the sum total cost paid by patients is far higher than the original cost quoted to them. We at Morpheus believe in giving value for money package to all our patients irrespective of whichever plan chosen by patients.

Our Pricing Packages
  • Standard Pricing (Rs. 75,000 per cycle + Medicines)

    This is the most common plan offered by majority of IVF centres in the county, where you pay for procedure separately and medicines as per individual requirement. This is not a package plan and cost of medicines may vary from patient to patient.

  • DYC (Rs. 1,00,000 for 2 Cycles + Medicines)

    This is a clinically proven cost effective treatment plan. In this plan second cycle procedures are done free of cost if first cycle attempt does not lead to clinical pregnancy. This plan does not include freezing, thawing, and blastocyst charges as every patient may not need these services. However if you have enrolled in DYC plan you automatically are entitled for discount on list price for these additional services, should you require them. Second IVF attempt is performed only if first attempt does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

    This package is ideally suited for couples with unexplained infertility

    *Medicines required for procedures and anaesthesia charges are at actuals.*All packages may not be available at all centres**Selection of the package will be based on clinical judgement of the core fertility specialist.***Prenatal sex determination and sex selection is illegal in India and not done in Morpheus IVF Centres
  • Services
    Sperm WashRs. 1500
    Sperm FreezingRs. 3000
    Embryo FreezingRs. 25,000
    Embryo ThawingRs. 25,000
    Blastocyst CultureRs. 20,000

    Special services for male infertility:
    Sperm SorterRs.7,500

    Additional services:
    Social Oocyte FreezingRs. 1,25,000

    Also available:
    Embryo DonationRs. 90,000 *
    Sperm DonationRs. 5000
    Oocyte DonationRs. 50,000*

    Eggs from one donor can be shared between two recipients only,provied that at least 7M2 oocytes are available for each recipient".Sharing will be done with proper consents and following ICMR guidelines and Morpheus Ethics policy)

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