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Double Your Chances

  • How does DYC help you?

    The expected success rate of an ART (IVF / ICSI) cycle is in the range of 35% to 40 %. As the success rates in ART has reached a sort of plateau, this initiative by Morpheus gives an opportunity of a second cycle if the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy, thus doubling your chances of pregnancy.

  • What is DYC Program?

    In a typical ART cycle, the procedure involves downregulation, ovarian stimulation by daily multiple injections to develop eggs, ultrasound scans and blood tests, Ovum pick up under short general anesthesia to retrieve the eggs, advanced embryological procedure in the lab followed by transferring of good quality embryos in the uterus.

  • Procedures* in IVF

    The procedure* charges cover consultation and procedures* carried out by the Clinician; Follicular scans during stimulation, services of a skilled Embryologist, Anesthesia Charges, expenses incurred in the Operation theatre & Embryology laboratory except freezing and thawing of embryos.

The charges for a DYC ICSI cycle are Rs 1,00,000/-. This includes the entire procedure charges mentioned above for two treatment cycles, if the first one does not lead to clinical pregnancy.

*Cost of medicines & anesthesia will be charged @ actual.

A detailed review of the DYC program shall be provided by our counselor.

How does the Double Your Chances Program work?

If the first cycle does not lead to clinical pregnancy, the patient can undergo a second cycle either with cryopreserved embryos or with fresh stimulation. When the patient opts for "Double Your Chances" they get a second cycle without paying for any extra procedural * charges.

Benefits under the DYC Program?

The prime benefit of a Double Your Chances program is that the patient can undergo the second cycle without paying for any extra procedural charges.

The first cycle is a stimulated cycle. At the end of the cycle, there is always a possibility of having a few good quality embryos available after Embryo transfer. Our Embryologist will suggest if these embryos' can be Cryo-preserved (frozen at -196° C) for future use.

Under the DYC program, you can avail discount on the Cryo-preservation of these embryos. In the event, you are unable to obtain pregnancy from the first cycle, for the second cycle the cryo-preserved embryos may be thawed and transferred into the uterus during the second cycle. Clinically, Frozen Embryo Transfer also give equally good pregnancy rates.

Under the DYC program you can avail discount on Embryo Thawing and the patient does not have to pay for Embryo Transfer.

There can be a scenario where there are no surplus good quality embryos left. In such cases, if the first cycle fails, the patient has to undergo stimulation once again for the second cycle. The benefit in this case is that the patient need not pay for any of the Ovum pick up procedural* charges in the second cycle. So the patient bears only medicines & anesthesia cost.

Thus, you are benefited under the Double Your Chances program in both the scenarios.

Additional benefits to the patient in the cryopreserved second cycle are:

  • Saving on expensive hormone & drug cost
  • No discomfort of multiple injections
  • Avoiding repeated Anesthesia & Invasive procedure
  • The patient can also avail special discount benefit on cryopreservation & thawing of embryos
  • No charges for embryo transfer

All pricing benefits will be explained in detail by our counselor during your first visit to Morpheus IVF center

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